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Cat litter box enclosure | Outa' Sight | Hideaway | Cat Bed

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$210.00 CAD

**We happily accommodate custom specifications just write your needs in comment field at checkout:  Entry hole height ect. 

Behold, the sensational aesthetic of a cat 'going' in a plywood cabinet.

This wooden decorative piece of art blends perfectly into your home. The warm and modern design of this handmade wooden cat litter box enclosure will be a nice addition to any room in your house. You can use it as a perfect pet house too, a stylish hideaway that can be put as a side table or a night stand in your bedroom. Just put a nice pillow or a small cat bed into the cabinet and this piece of cat furniture will be your cats new favourite hangout!

The cabinet is made from thick high quality Aspen plywood that is sealed and humidity-proof. Strong enough to place favourite magazines, books, plants, pots or any kind of decoration on it.

If you consider it as an enclosure for your litter pan, it’s convenient to clean it. Just pull the magnet door and take out the litter pan. Clean the litter pan, put it back and and close the door again.

Summary and specifications:

- Can be left raw material if you have plans for staining or painting it yourself.

Dimensions of the cat box:
Height: 52 cm
Length/depth: 55,5 cm
Width: 43 cm
Entry Circle /: 25 cm

Dimensions of the cat box inside: 
Height: 42,6 cm
Length/depth: 53 cm
Width: 40 cm