Cat well-being is directly related to feeding their instincts to explore and climb. It’s in their DNA. Your cats ancestors hid from predators and surveyed their domain from trees. Our cat cubbies are a Vetrenarian approved way to offer many benefits to your cat.

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Another Level For Your Cats Health And Exploration

  • Cat Grass & Climbing

    Cat Grass & Climbing

    - 89% of cats ate grass six or more times throughout their lives

    -27% of cats vomit frequently after eating lawn grass or other yard foliage
    - Climbing and a sense of belonging is important to cats

  • Our Scent Safe Materials

    Our Scent Safe Materials

    We make our products with care from Canadian wood and we use water based stain by Saman. This extremely low VOC stain is odourless and is environmentally friendly. This makes for happier cats and humans and an all around safer product for your home.

  • Our products ship flat

    Our products ship flat

    Our design ships flat and can be assembled with minimal tools by anybody. This means less packaging and we pass on the savings to you.