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Baltic Birch Cat Wall Cubby

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$85.00 CAD
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$135.00 CAD
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$85.00 CAD

We make our modern and stylish cubbies by hand in British Columbia with Canadian wood for a quality and feel second to none. We use scent-safe water based stain by Saman 

  • CATS INSTINCT IS UPS: Cats have an instinctual need to be up high. While you may be aware that your cat is a natural predator, you should also note that your cat is also prey. Being high up gives your cat a better vantage point to survey potential danger and food sources. This allows your cat to feel more secure in their home, as they can determine the threat level of unknown visitors, dogs, or even small children while remaining safely out of reach.
  • FLAT PACK DESIGN: Our beautiful handmade wooden cubby design is the most stylish cat cubby on the market and it is the lowest priced cat cubby on the market. Our design uses about half as much wood as our competitors and it ships small! Many of our competitors use a large backing on their design that covers up your wall. This doesn’t add strength and just adds waste and increases the price. We know low prices are important to people and saw a way to make a superior aesthetic with less wood, that ships flat.
  • YOUR SPACE, YOUR SCENT-SAFE COLOURS: Cats noses are 14x more sensitive than ours. From the beginning we knew that we had to partner with Saman Stains, the best low VOC water based stains on earth that have no odor. These are safe for cats, safe for humans, and safe for the planet. At the core Pawz Ups is about cat health & stylish modern flair and we are proud to offer a variety of beautiful stains so you can make your cat cubbies your own and feel secure in knowing they aren’t emitting toxic fumes into your fur companion. 
  • ACTIVITY, EXPLORATION, OBSERVATION: Climbing and creeping, jumping and perching, watching and napping. Pawz Ups wall mounted cat cubbies offer a beautifully modern wall gym for your cat to explore and be active in. The side holes offer passage ways for agility and climbing as well as behavioral stimulation.
  • THE BEST THINGS ABOUT A CAT TREE WITHOUT LOSING FLOOR SPACE: For decades cat trees have been offering good experiences for cats but at a big price. Many modern homes have evolved past the cat tree aesthetic and homes have also gotten smaller. Cat’s need to be healthily integrated into the home but finding stylish ways to do this can be a challenge. This is the reason Pawz Ups began. Our team knows first hand this problem and we set out to solve it. We’re proud of our amazing design. Our mission is to bring the best looking and strongest cat health-activity-structures to the World and make it affordable for everybody. 
  • FREE SHIPPING: We offer free shipping on our products and have 24/7 customer support. Products usually arrive in 7-10 days.
  • ASSEMBLY & WALL ATTACHMENT | YOU CAN DO IT AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP! The sides slide into channels and require no tools. 4 drywall anchors secure the cubby to any location on your wall. 
  • DIMENSIONS: 19.5 inches X 17 inches with a depth off the wall of 9 inches. Holes on sides are 7.8 inches.