Cat Wall Furniture is The New Tree-Fort For Cats

Getting your cats to love their tree

No cat tree in the world will be enticing to your cats if it’s shoved in a back room somewhere.

If you’re going to make your home cat friendly, commit! Think like a cat. Where are the best views in your home? Where does the sun shine the most gloriously? You’ll likely have the best luck placing your cat tree against a wall and near a window, or in a corner (with a sweet vantage point of your home). Cats love corners, since they feel more secure with their backs against a wall, and 2 walls are better than one.

If you’re still having trouble getting kitty to warm up to their new climbing area, don’t despair. Sprinkle some catnip on it, tuck a few tasty treats on its shelves, and play with your cat with a wand toy near the space, enticing them to jump up onto the tree.

Give them a few days. Cats are notoriously wary of foreign objects, and more likely than not, you’ll catch them lounging on it before the week’s up.



Remember, it’s not hard to keep your cats happy.

Even if you don’t splurge on a state-of-the-art cat superhighway system, something as simple as a strategically placed bookshelf or armchair can work wonders in helping your cats feel safer, more comfortable, and more engaged with their home. Especially if your cats are strictly indoor cats it’s important to ensure their environments are sufficiently enriching and stimulating.

Got any DIY ideas to share? How do you solve the problem of cat vertical space in your home?