7 Benefits of Cat Trees and Cat Activity Structures

7 Benefits of Cat Trees and Cat Activity Structures

7 Benefits of Cat Trees and Cat Activity Structures

We already know that cats are great pets that bring us joy, entertainment, and (sometimes) peace of mind. But did you know they can also be good for your health? Indoor cats have been proven to reduce stress, help lower blood pressure, and decrease anxiety in their owners—and there’s more! Cat trees and cat activity structures can help improve your physical health as well as your mental one. Here are seven benefits of cat trees and cat activity structures you may not have considered yet!

1) Play
Cats maintain physical health and feelings of safety by living in an enriched environment. Cat trees, cat activity structures, and other cat furniture provide a place for cats to climb, jump, scratch, play, hide, sleep and hunt – all activities that are important to their mental and physical well-being. Cat trees can also be used as a way to give your indoor cat more access to natural light from windows or skylights in your home. Cats have been known to experience depression when they are not provided with enough exercise or stimulation.

2) Exercise
As we know, exercise is good for all animals and activity is an important parts of Cats daily life. Unfortunately 70% of cats are strictly indoors and this is due to a variety of reasons. Luckily a variety of cat activity structures help with that! Cat trees and cat towers can provide cats with much needed physical stimulation. This helps keep cats healthy as well as happy! Cat trees also provide your cat a place to climb and play which is very important in their development. Cats need mental stimulation just like dogs do but many people don’t realize it because they don’t have eyes on top of their head like humans do. They can see what’s directly in front of them but not above or below them.

3) Mental Stimulation
Enrichment of Cats is easy. Cat trees and cat activity structures provide an outlet for your cat’s natural instincts to climb, jump, scratch, explore, and play with toys. When it comes to your indoor cat’s mental stimulation needs, they’re pretty much like their outdoor counterparts—except they don’t have access to birds or squirrels!

4) Agility Training
It turns out that cats’ ancestors used to live in trees and hunted and kept safe in trees. There’s a belief that your cat may be coping with stress, anxiety, fear or even boredom by climbing and exploring tree-like structures such as cat trees. Studies show these artificial versions might help boost overall health, strengthen muscles and improve posture.

5) Scratching
A cat tree or activity structure not only gives your cat a safe place to scratch, but also to climb. Many owners think scratching is an indication that their cat is stressed. In reality, cats don't spend time on sisal rope because they're stressed; in fact, scratching helps them feel calm and relaxed. Scratching calms nerves by giving cats a sense of satisfaction once their claws have sunk into something. Moreover, it's healthy for cats to use their claws on sisal rope since it mimics an actual tree branch. The feel of sisal also encourages self-grooming; cats simply feel cleaner after they've used their claws to gently scratch themselves free from loose hair while they climb and rest on the rope.

6) Climbing
Cats are natural climbers, but they also love to scratch. If you don’t have a scratching post or pad for your cat, he may take out his frustration on your furniture instead. You can help satisfy your cat’s desire to climb by investing in a tree or activity structure that provides both climbing opportunities and an appropriate surface for scratching. There are a number of styles from which to choose, including trees with platforms and perches, as well as simple arched or s-shaped pieces that don’t provide a space for scratching but will encourage exercise. The point is to give him something he likes that can also protect your furniture from being torn up.

7) Help with Boredom and Stress
Cat activity structures are good for curing boredom and stress. Cats need to exercise their bodies, just like humans do. So, when you get them an activity structure, they will climb and jump around on it to burn off energy and stay healthy. This makes your cat feel great, which keeps stress and boredom levels down.