5 Advantages of Owning a Cat | Pawz Ups

5 Advantages of Owning a Cat | Pawz Ups

At first glance, cats don’t seem to offer much advantage to humans. They can be finicky, unappreciative of their owners, and downright destructive when bored (but who isn’t?). But just like with dogs, there are many benefits of owning a cat that most people don’t even realize! Here are five advantages of owning a cat that can help you get your own cat as soon as possible!

1) Cats Are Low Maintenance
Many people don’t think about it, but cats are low maintenance when compared to other pets like dogs. Dogs often need walks, playtime, and trips to dog parks. Cats are more independent and only need food and water. Cats can stay at home while you’re out during most of your day. If you find yourself gone all day, consider adopting two cats or getting a friend for your cat so that he has something else to play with when you’re not home. This will also help reduce any stress your cat may have when you leave him alone for long periods.

2) Cats Keep You Active
Many people are at risk for obesity, but owning a cat may actually help prevent you from growing overweight. A 2011 study conducted in North Carolina looked at pet ownership and metabolic syndrome among 3,000 participants. Those who owned cats had lower blood pressure and weight than those who didn’t own pets, even after controlling for demographics like age and gender. It turns out that having to play with your cat—which usually means walking him outside—may be one of your best forms of exercise.

3) Cats Improve Mental Health
A recent study from researchers at Portland State University found that owning a cat may be good for your mental health, especially if you live alone. The study showed that people who live alone with a pet—and their pets were primarily cats—had fewer mental health issues than those without pets. Cats are natural hunters, and they can keep rodent populations in check.

4) Pets Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
Did you know cats can have a positive effect on human health? Being exposed to pets can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Cats also provide great companionship for older adults, as well as offer an outlet for social interaction for those who might otherwise feel lonely. Plus, pet owners often form stronger bonds with their pets than they do with other humans! There are several benefits to having a cat in your life.

5) Cats Offer Security
As much as your cat may seem completely oblivious to his surroundings, it’s likely that he’s keeping an eye on things at all times. The truth is that having a cat in your home is actually one of the best ways to prevent break-ins and protect your belongings from theft. A 2009 study found that pet owners are 64% less likely to experience burglary or other property crime than non-pet owners. The reason? Cats scare away would-be intruders, making them an excellent natural deterrent.