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Pouncing Posts | Pack of 2

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$69.99 CAD
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$69.99 CAD

Give your cat a stable and tactile balance beam to leap between as they explore the joys of the wall between their Pawz Ups wall cubbies. Our Cat Wall Scratching Posts are anchored with screws that go directly into your walls studs, offering observation areas your cat(s) will love and cherish.

  • 2 pack with hardware included.
  • We use 3/8" Sisal Rope that is strong and made to last.
  • Strong stud screws connect the posts directly into the frame of your home and offer a sturdy balancing and scratching beam. 
  • Connect the posts between Pawz Ups Cubbies to offer access between our cubby arrangement. 
  • Promotes agility and empowerment for your cats health and happiness.
  • 9" x 3.5"