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Why are UP spaces healthy for cats?


Living in a small home or apartment can be crowded enough, without adding bulky cat trees and towers to the mix. So how do you enrich your cat’s life without sacrificing up your own comfort? While you can’t add more rooms to expand your cat’s territory, you can build up instead. Cats like being up high anyways, so cat shelving really makes a lot of sense. Wall-mounted cat furniture gives your cat more freedom to play and explore, without disrupting the flow of your room or impeding on your limited floor space.


Cats have an instinctual need to be up high. While you may be aware that your cat is a natural predator, you should also note that your cat is also prey. Being high up gives your cat a better vantage point to survey potential danger and food sources. This allows your cat to feel more secure in his home, as he can determine the threat level of unknown visitors, dogs, or even small children while remaining safely out of reach.



For homes with multiple cats, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing cat shelves suitable for your space. Most importantly, you want to have multiple routes up and down walls. 

If you are having territorial issues with your cats, adding vertical territory also acts as a way for cats to showcase their flexible hierarchy in a peaceful manner. The dominant cat of the moment can jump to a higher platform, rather than resorting to minor squabbles. Adding to your cats’ vertical territory can lessen the tension between cats since there is more territory to share.

Regular play is important to establish for cats, preventing many behavior problems before they start.



A wall-mounted cat habitat is a great way to create an environment that is physically complex and that encourages your cat to engage in species-typical behavior like scratching and climbing.

Lack of exercise is an issue with many indoor cats. Providing them with a space of their own to jump, climb, and play is a great way to keep them mentally enriched and healthy. Our furniture is designed with this in mind, providing cats many routes to avoid conflicts, sisal holes for play, and sisal poles and posts for climbing and keeping claws healthy.



We offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to match the decor in your home. This is a modular system that can be built in many different ways to create something very unique to the space.



Having a space up high allows cats to have their own territory that is up high enough for them to feel secure, far out of reach of any perceived danger.

We handcraft every product with care in our wood shop in Kamloops, BC and use odourless water based stains for your and your Cat's health and happiness. Please feel free to reach out.