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Redefining the Way 
Cat Furniture Integrates into Homes

We are a duo who have a vision to offer the Cat-World a different option, a better option. Frustrated by the lack of refined options for Cat Activity Structures, we set out on a multi-year journey to develop the best looking option on the market.


Our Journey So Far

2018 - Product Design School

Designing starts in Interior Lighting Solutions

Ethan sets out to integrate backlit high resolution art into table art lamps.


Pawz Ups is Launched and a Learning phase is initiated.

We've developed dozens of products in the Pet Niche. We decided to take our time with small batches and really get to know the customer's needs and to understand what people are looking for.


Taking what we learned forward

In late 2022 we decided to meet the market demand differently. We partnered up with stellar manufacturers and set out to bring our dream of the most refined Cat Wall Furniture to a wider market.

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